Moskitrap | Pest Trap With Stand | GM913 Indoor Pest Trap!

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Pest N Trol

Ideal For Outdoor Areas - Ideal For Outdoor Areas - Cover up to 300 sq....

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  • Ideal For Outdoor Areas - Ideal For Outdoor Areas - Cover up to 300 sq. ft., Moskitrap's GM 913 attracts mosquitoes and other pests with UV light. The Photo-catalysis between the UV bulb produces CO2 and special TiO2 coating which mimic the lure of humans. Its 360-degree fan motor and UV lamp attract insects and eliminate them.
  • Mosquito-Free Environment - Tackle those relentless mosquitoes, flies, and moths without using any mosquito net, bat, repellent, or odorful refill pack. This lantern-style unit is entirely free of pesticides. when used regularly, it can help to kill their breeding cycle and peaceful season of a bug-free environment.
  • Durable - Engineered with the fan vacuums the mosquitoes get into a chamber where they meet their ultimate demise. The product comes with 1-year warranty.
  • Portable - This powerful trap not only covers large indoor and outdoor spaces. The product comes with a stand, making it perfect to use in gardens, porches, fields, etc., It is also portable, light weight, easy to use, and effective.



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